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10 December
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Reflections and Refractions

Year 6 investigated how light can be reflected and discussed situations where this could be helpful in every day life. As well as this, we began to look at how light can be refracted.


15 November
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Litfilmfest Poetry

Inspired by Michael Rosen’s unit on poetry for the Litfilmfest 2019, Year 6 set to work creating our own free verse or rhyming poetry. The theme of the poems was ‘Play’.  After watching Michael Rosen’s performance poetry and becoming thoroughly excited, children took part in a range of activities linked with play and ‘mag-pied’ how these activities made them feel at the time, with the aim to use these ideas when creating their own poems. The children learnt about features of performance poems and how to re-tell them effectively.

After this, they worked in teams to create and perform poems together. Children then planned and wrote their own, with the aim of learning them off by heart. In preparation for their performances, children were asked to consider how they would use their voices and facial expressions to capture their audience.  Here are a few of the poems, we hope you like them!







09 November
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Busy Week

Wow! What a busy week Year 6 has had!

To begin the week, Year 6 continued with their play-themed poetry for this year’s Litfest, which is in association with Michael Rosen. They have taken their poems home to learn, ready for performing next week.

During the week, Year 6 were introduced to our adventure story model text. Each person received their copy of the text, which had been cut up into pieces, and it was their job to use the clues of topic sentences and the events in the story to correctly order it. In discussion partners, we then identified what we believed were the key features of the adventure story and boxed it up!

Towards the end of the week, the children were put into small teams and assigned a section of the model text. It was their job to create a story map and actions for that section, memorising it off by heart. On Friday, each group came to the front of the class to teach the class their section. We then combined everyone’s section to form our class story map.

We had an extra special treat from Strange Cargo this week. Each child worked with the ladies from Strange Cargo to create their own Princess Mary Box. Each item in the box held a special meaning. Children then created their own ID cards (like the soldiers of the war would have had) and assessed to see if they would have been able to join the army. They also created postcards to send to themselves and badges. It was a fantastic day with Strange Cargo.

Here are a few pictures of our week.



05 November
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Poetry in the Making

This week’s focus in English has been free verse poetry, following examples from Michael Rosen.

Polar Bear class create a class free verse poem using lines from individual poems to build one mega poem. 

The Gorillas worked in small groups to create their poems which will be uploaded shortly.

19 October
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Gorilla Haka

During our music enrichment day, the Gorillas voted on the style of song, chant or poem they would like to use to represent them. This was the most popular choice! We hope you enjoy it!



18 October
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Term 1 Triumphs

Year 6 blog is finally live! Take a look at all the amazing learning that has taken place.


We had a fantastic start to the year building our trenches. Making them was very messy but incredibly fun.

Our Maths lessons have taken on many different forms from practical problem solving to iPad challenges

We have delved deep into the topic of WW1. We’ve held debates and had our own mini-reenactments.


We finished this term with a music day. We all had a go at performing music, composing and some of us were even conductors.

What a great term! Onto the next adventure…

11 July
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As part of our Geography week learning, Year 6 partnered up with Year 1 to go geocache hunting! The children had to work together deciphering clues as to the geocache’s location. Once found, the children needed to place one object of theirs into the box and take one item out to show they had found the location of a box. It was lovely to see the Year 6 children showing their caring, mature sides when working with Year 1.


11 July
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Canada Day

Last week, Year 6 attended the Canada Day service in Folkestone.  Those that went to remember the soldiers were brilliant role models as they were extremely mature and respectful throughout the service.

Thank you, Year 6.

02 July
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Geography Enrichment 3: Lunging for Litter!

Last week marked our 3rd Geography Enrichment of the academic year. Themed around the concept of looking after our environment and the shared responsibilities we all hold, Sandgate Primary School was ‘Lunging for Litter’ in order to do our part for the planet!

As well as Geocaching with other year groups (a fantastic and exciting way for children to demonstrate their Friendship values), we were lucky to have visiting speakers from ActionAid, Greenpeace and ‘Save the Bees’ throughout the week; each talk discussed a different aspect of doing our part to care for our environment, both locally and globally.

Thank you to all children for their continued enthusiasm to care for our home.

Keep on lunging,

Mr. Goodeal

24 June
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Disco time!

Preparation for tonight’s disco is well underway!


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