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13 October

Book Week

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our Oliver Twist themed book week!


M&M Theatre Productions:


Read and Relax:

11 October

Home Connect Launch


As part of our annual Book Week, we have today re-launched Home Connect for Years 2-6 (with Year 1 beginning to use Accelerated Reader as they year progresses), a superb and very powerful tool to help you to keep up to date with your child’s reading progress. By logging in, you can see all the books that your child has read, as well as their progress on quizzes that they have taken in school. You can even register your email address to receive emails each time your child completes a quiz, allowing you to celebrate this at home as much as we do in school. You can also register multiple addresses so that the whole family can stay informed.

Today, you will have received a letter with your child’s log-in details, and you can access the Home Connect website for our school through the link here, or through our school website.

Currently, we have email addresses registered for 119 pupils, with 31 students having logged in – let’s see if we can get that number higher!





11 October

Read and Relax

The Gorillas would like to say a huge thank you to the parents who came and read with them and to the peer readers who volunteered to read with groups of their classmates. It was a lovely afternoon spent hearing a variety of text types and genres.



11 October

Knuckleball Kickers

On Monday, the Gorillas were lucky to take part in a workshop with the Knuckleball Kicker twins. The Gorillas enjoyed learning about how the twins got started and about the game itself. Here are a few pictures of the Gorillas in action.


10 October

Rounding Rap

At the start of the term, Year 6 revised rounding and Miss Thomas found a rap to assist us in our learning (everyone loves a rap). The class were so eager for it to be shared so here it is – enjoy! 🙂


06 October

Discussion Text Invention

Today, in English, we practised inventing our own discussion texts verbally. First, we all wrote a discussion text title on a post it note and put these in a pot. Then, Mrs Thompson and Miss Thomas picked one title at a time out of the box and – in pairs – we verbally created our own discussion text. We had to remember to remain objective and use formal language. We discovered that this was quite tricky verbally as we don’t often speak with such a formal tone. Additionally, we used our class Discussion Text Toolkit to help us include features of a discussion text.


29 September

Art Award News

Congratulations to Year 6 who have all successfully completed and passed their Art Award- Explore. Towards the end of Year 5, the children’s sketchbooks were moderated by an external moderator who praised the sketchbooks and final projects (which the children created at home) as some of the best she has ever seen.  Well done – you should all be very proud of yourselves!





20 September

Stay Safe Workshops

Today, we were lucky enough to invite a representative from Shepway Sports Trust into our school to talk to us about staying safe and teach us some self defence strategies.

We talked about people we can trust and who would constitute as a stranger. We also discussed staying safe when using mobile phones out and about. As part of these discussions we were involved in some short role plays. They were – in some ways – quite comical, but we also took from them some serious messages to help us stay safe.

We were then shown some useful self defence strategies, which we practised in pairs. The instructor was extremely impressed with how mature and sensible we were when completing these activities.

A huge thank you to Shepway Sports Trust for this opportunity.



IMG_7414 IMG_7418

20 September

WW1 Trench Building

This term in year 6, our learning is all based around WW1 (The Great War). We started the term by learning all about trench life in History and then used this understanding  to inform our designs of trench models.

After designing the trench models, we had a go at making a paper prototype before getting stuck in with our construction resources. We had great fun making them and are pleased with our final products. What do you think?

18 June
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