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16 March

Science week

What a fantastic Science week we have been having!

We collected all of our waste in a clear plastic bag and then analysed the types of waste there were. It was quite shocking how much of the waste was not recyclable! We then used this information to form pie charts and bar graphs to draw conclusions from.

We have been exploring how plastic is being used around the world and the problems that it causes. As a result of our findings, we are writing to Prime Minister Theresa May to address the issue. As well as this, we have been investigating electricity and addressing common misconceptions, debugging environment themed computer programmes and, this morning, we watched a performance by the Kinetic Theatre, which was full of fantastic facts about space, the water cycle and much more! Thank you to all of the parents who were able to come in and share their knowledge and professions with us. The children have gained some much knowledge from you and without your help the Science week would not have been as successful as it has been.



01 March

World Book Day

Wow- what fantastic effort was put into everyone’s costumes! The Gorilla’s enjoyed learning about who we came to school dressed as and created comic strips with our book day characters placed in to suspense settings; this links to our current book study – Clockwork.  What a great day of celebrating reading! Here are some more pictures from the day.



01 March

World Book Day Fun!

27 February


Everybody went out to enjoy the snow at break time, even Mr Green! Here are the pictures of Year 6 that were captured by Miss Rowlands!



27 February

Sandgate School Run or L.S. Lowry?

The Sandgate school run this morning!

It reminded one of our Year 4 students of an L.S Lowry painting! Beautiful.

Thank you to the parents who sent it in.

23 February


Here are a few examples of the Gorilla’s fantastic poems.  Which one is your favourite and why?


23 February

Suspense Stories

Yesterday, Year 6 read their suspense Cold Tasks to each other around our campfire. It was great to hear how each author read their stories in a way to build tension and suspense and we all listened respectfully to each other’s creations.

While listening to each other’s Cold Tasks, we were equipped with our Magpie Books and we made a note of the ideas and language that we thought was effective so we could use it in the future and, to top it all off, there were even marshmallows to be had!  After this, we used our senses to makes notes on our surroundings in preparation for our poetry session.

It was a little bit cold but a lot of fun!

04 February
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Geography Enrichment Day 2


Today marked the second Geography Enrichment Day of the year; once again, we had a truly enriching day dedicated to the study of ‘Earth Writing’.
Based around the notion of cultural heritage, Sandgate Primary School spent the day unpicking the question of ‘Who do you think you are?’ This involved the use of digital map games, scratching off our very own class map of the world, comparing the Human & Physical Geographies of countries, and presenting our very own family trees and shields.

A particular highlight has to be our global visitors who came in to speak to us and answer all of our geographical questions! We heard from international sixth form students from Earlscliffe College (representing a wide variety of countries such as Nigeria, Russia, Germany and Hong Kong), as well as our visiting parents who presented to the class.

Thank you for an amazing Geography Day!

01 February

Shane Record Masterclass!

This afternoon, Year 6 were extremely lucky to welcome Shane Record into our classrooms for a Reflections Materclass.

Shane talked to us about where he gets his ideas for painting from, the processes he goes through when creating a piece of art and how reflections are used in many of his paintings.

Shane then worked with us to create paintings similar to his piece titled, ‘Martello Tower at Dusk’.

We had a lovely afternoon, learning a lot and feeling very inspired by Shane!


16 January
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Curious Creatures

This afternoon, as part of our Science learning, we were revising animal classes. We were set the challenge of inventing our own new species of animal that could be classified into one of the following groups: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, annelids, molluscs, crustaceans or echinoderms.

We had to label our invented species with details that could be used to help someone else classify the animal into its correct animal class. We also wrote in our books further details about its appearance, distribution (the countries it lives in), specific habitat, behaviour and gave details about its reproduction and respiration.


Here are some of our creations:


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